About Us

Ashoka Ltd is a family owned business founded by Mr. Romesh Mirpuri. The company is named after his father, Mr. Ashok Mirpuri. The two lion heads were inspired by the “Lion Capital of Asoka” One representing strength and the other courage.Ashoka Ltd is based in Miami Florida with office presence in Boston Massachusetts and the Cayman Islands. Our company sources out-grown products contracted directly from farmers all around the world. Our company travels around the globe to find the highest-grade grains and the richest spices.
Ashoka Ltd provides products for a wide range of businesses including food distributers, grocery stores, retail stores, cruise lines and club stores. Our company distributes Asoka and Miami-Spice brands and private labels.

The Ashoka Group is a Multi Dimensional Company with operations spanning in four separate industries:shutterstock_20038624

  1. Fine Jewelry & Gems retail store namely Princess World Jewelers
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  3. Food Distribution – ASHOKA PREMIUM FOODS
  4. Electronics Wholesale
  5. Steel Products

Current Territories Covered

  1. USA
  2. Caribbeans
  3. Central America
  4. South America